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Sacramento Aquarium Society offers advertising space in it's monthly news letter called Tropical News and its website.

All advertisers in the Tropical News are provided a 468 x 60 pixel banner ad space on the "Sponsors of SAS" web page and 160 x 600 pixel ad placements on the right and left side of the content on the web pages throughout the site. There are two ways to have your ads displayed on our website:

  1. Email the SAS Webmaster the ad and it will be copied to our site.

  2. Place the ad somewhere on your website and email the SAS Webmaster the URL of where your ad is located on your site. The code on our website will point to the URL on your site. This second option gives you the flexibility of changing the ad at anytime, and your changes will automatically appear on our web pages. This method is the best option if you would like specials, or new products to appear in the ad whenever they are offered.

Tropical News Half Page Ad

All ads run for one year based on the pricing listed below:

  • Full Page Ad $300
  • Half Page Ad $200

Please make checks payable to "Sacramento Aquarium Society" and mail to:

Sacramento Aquarium Society
P.O. Box 160545
Sacramento, CA 95816

For questions about advertising or donating items to the Sacramento Aquarium Society please email Justin Coyle.