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Breeder and Horticultural Award Program Corner

Thanks to all those who have continued their plant growing and aquatic creature breeding and to those who have submitted their BAP donations for donations to SAS while we have had the opportunity to do so during the COVID-19 Crisis and Pandemic. Also, thanks to those helping with online auctions—all your help is appreciated.

Settlers in the old west used to say 'there's smoke on the horizon'. That is also true for members of SAS today. It is fire season [when is it not in California?] as well as possible good news for SAS members who have missed our physical meetings—I know I have. The good news is that there is a possible opening up of meetings in public and a possible de-masking—stay tuned to the news and hope for the best with both fires and COVID-19 restrictions.

The Sacramento Aquarium Society's (SAS) Breeder Award Program (BAP) and Horticultural Award Program (HAP) encourages the propagation and dissemination of fish, aquatic invertebrates and other non-fish denizens as well as aquatic plant species. The, exchange of information regarding propagation and husbandry, especially in publishing articles and photos or giving a short talk on your achievements serves as a means for recognizing the accomplishments of club members toward these goals. Participation in the BAP and HAP are both voluntary programs and can enhance member's enjoyment of the aquarium and pond hobby—and helps spread the 'wealth'.

Spawning and Plant Reproduction reports are available on the website to share information with other hobbyists. These reports can be referenced to find out information on how other breeders bred different species of fish, and how to reproduce plants. See the menu to the left for the link to the "Spawning Reports" and "Plant Reports."

With digital photography being easy today, taking a few pictures of your fish, or plants and submitting them in addition to the spawning or plant reproduction report is an easy way to pick up an additional 5 points. If you write an article about your spawning, give a short talk at a meeting of your 'success', or plant reproduction for the Tropical News and/or website, you can pick up an additional 5 points, each. If you donate the same species or a subspecies after your initial donation, you can earn an extra 5 points as well, for a total of 25 possible points. A number of SAS BAP/HAP participants are due their Certificates or Plaques. Participants need to advise if they HAVE NOT received one for your achievement levels.

Submit Photos and/or Articles to the Webmaster/TN Editor/BAP/HAP Chair <--CLICK HERE

BAP/HAP Chair - Richard Griffiths

Current BAP and HAP standings:

Names with * have points pending [needing to fulfill the total of 6 fish donation].

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