Sacramento Aquarium Society

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Forms and Information

Dr. Ron Colman

SAS Auctions

SAS holds monthly auctions after the guest speaker's presentation. Mega Auctions occur twice yearly to help raise money for the Society's annual operating budget.

Sellers will need to fill out an Auction Check-In Form.

Auction Forms

The Google Docs auction form allows sellers to make a copy of the form, fill it out on a computer, print it out, and present it to the auction check-in table.

Google Docs Version:

  • "Sign in" with your Google account.
  • Click on the "File" menu.
  • Select "Make a copy" and save it to your Google Drive.

PDF Form (print and fill out)

Auction Rules

There are separate Auction Rules for Monthly and Mega auctions. Please review the rules before submitting items for the auction.

Click here for SAS Consolidated Auction Rules - Monthly and Mega


You do not need to be SAS member to bid on items in the auction.

Non-members must pay cash after each transaction.

Auction runners will assist SAS Members in paying cash or running a tab. Members can pay a tab via cash or credit card at the end of the auction. Tabs must be paid before you leave.

Bidders must pick up a bidder's paddle at the Auction Check-in table.

Please, when bidding, raise the bidder paddle high and keep it raised until you are done bidding. This makes it easier for our auctioneers to see bidders.