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Donated Items from Sacramento Aquarium Society Sponsors Offered at the Monthly Meeting Auction

The Sacramento Aquarium Society (SAS) is a nonprofit organization that relies heavily on the generous support of sponsors. The Sacramento Aquarium Society was founded in 1952 by aquarists interested in exchanging information about the care and maintenance of tropical fish. The Society meets and publishes a newsletter monthly (Tropical News) and currently has over 200 members (and growing).

The SAS reaches out to the local and international hobbyists through their YouTube channel, Facebook Group, Instagram feed, Twitter (X), and website.

Products donated by your company will be used to raise funds to support our monthly and annual activities. Donated products are dispensed through revenue generating activities, including various special raffles, our monthly raffle conducted at each General Membership Meeting, and as special recognition for achievements.

The Society is tremendously appreciative of its supporters and takes every opportunity to promote the companies and businesses that support the Sacramento Aquarium Society. This also provides an opportunity for companies, manufactures, and business to reach new customers who share an interest in the aquarium hobby.

In return for your generous donations of $100 (retail price) of product or more, the Sacramento Aquarium Society offers ad space on its website for one year. All donators are offered a 468 x 60 pixel banner ad space on the "Sponsors of SAS" web page and 160 x 600 pixel ad placements on the right and left side of the content on the web pages throughout the site. There are two ways to have your ads displayed on our website:

  1. Email the SAS Webmaster your ads and they will be copied to our site.

  2. Place your ads somewhere on your website and email the SAS Webmaster the URL of where your ads are located. The code on our website will point to the URLs of your image ads on your site. This second option gives you the flexibility of changing the ads at anytime, and your changes will automatically appear on our web pages. This method is the best option if you would like specials, or new products to appear in the ads whenever they are offered.

A product donation on your behalf would be tremendously helpful in supporting the activities of the society. If you are able to make a contribution of aquarium related products or other items, please email Matt Adams and Willie Markley for shipping address. Please include the following information:

  • Company Point of Contact
  • Email Address (for our webmaster to coordinate web page ads)
  • Your Companies Mailing Address
  • Phone Number

For questions about donating items to the Sacramento Aquarium Society please email Matt Adams and Willie Markley.

Monetary Donations

You may also donate a monetary amount of your choice by clicking on the button below.